Is Moringa oil Good for Skin

Is Moringa oil Good for Skin
Posted on 2022-04-28

Moringa oil is Miracle for Skin, How? lets Know

Moringa oil is a healthy, monounsaturated fat that's high in protein and other compounds, moringa oil helps in cleansing and moisturizing the skin. It can also be used for the treatment of acne and as a moisturizing hair treatment. Due to the presence of vitamin C in moringa oil boosts collagen, helping reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

Moringa oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that why used as an excellent active ingredient in skin-care products. Moringa oil resembles the skin's natural sebum, and control oil production in oily skin, while nourishing dry and mature skin. Moringa oil is very lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, moringa oil is non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.

Moringa oil improves complexion due to the presence of essential fatty acids, moringa oil helps improve your complexion by preventing blemished and giving you an even tone, when applied topically. We can use a paste of the leaves, which can be applied to dark spots or blemishes on the face to reduce them. Moringa oil is rich in fatty acids which helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars, leaving skin soft well pampered.

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Know How to use for Skin

Mix a few drops of moringa Oil with your favorite cream or lotion and applied to skin at night time, this oil is absorbed very easily by the skin and helps the cells to rejuvenate.

Know, Where does Moringa oil come from? Origination and How to Make

Moringa oil is derived from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, a small tree native to the Himalayan Mountains. Virtually all parts of the moringa tree including its flowers, seeds, roots, bark, and leaves can be used for industrial, medicinal, nutritional purposes.

The most common method of oil extraction is from a nut or plant is to place under pressure to squeeze the oil out. But we can also dissolve the plants in water to extract their oils. We can extract the oil from the distillation process also.

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