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Thymol BP:
Thymol is the main monoterpene phenol obtained from thyme oil or other volatile oil, isomeric with carvacrol, also known as 2-isopropyl -5- methyl phenol. Thymol is natural monoterpene phenol derivative of cymene C10H14O. Thymol is obtained from variety of Thyme plants such as Thymus vulgaricus, Thymus zygis etc.

Extraction Process of Thymol:
Thymol is extracted from thyme herbs variety by using green solvent (ethanol, limonene and ethyl lactate), by pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) and supercritical CO2 fluid extraction at different conditions like extraction temperatures (60 ºC, 130 ºC, 200 ºC).

Thymol is a white pellets large crystalline with a spicy herbal, odor of thyme and aromatic and has sweet , spicy and medicinal with pungent, caustic strong flavor of culinary herb thyme. Thymol shows extreme solubility in alcohols and other organic solvent but slightly soluble in water at neutral pH.

Chemical Composition:
Thymol is constituents of thymol (50-63%), carvacrol (up to 20%), para-cymene(up to 20%) with γ-terpinene,β-caryophyllene, l-linalool,α-terpinene and α-pinene.

12 Incredible Uses and Benefits:

  1. Thymol crystals is used as stabilizer in pharmaceutical preparation as it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic quality.
  2. It is used in dusting powders for the treatment of tinea or ringworm infections.
  3. It is used to treat mouth and throat infections as it reduces plaque, dental caries and gingivitis.
  4. It is used as an ingredient in some toothpaste such as Euthymol.
  5. It act as preservative in halothane, an anesthetic and as an antiseptic in mouthwash.
  6. It prevents varroa mites and growth of mold in bee colonies.
  7. It is used as a pesticide due to its rapidly degrading property.
  8. It is used general purpose disinfectant and medical disinfectant.
  9. Thymol promotes overall health and treats minor health ailments.
  10. It is effective against bronchitis as it contains active ingredients that serve as an expectorant for chronic disease patients.
  11. Thymol promotes lactation in breast feeding mother who suffering from lack of calcium in their blood.
  12. It act as an herbal food additive used to improve performance indices, feed utilization, immune system and prevents from infectious diseases.

Where to Buy Thymol Crystals in India?
We AOS Products and reputed teams deals as worldwide Manufacturers and Exporters of essential oils, carrier oils, pine products in which Pure Thymol Crystals available at affordable price in India. We complying Crystals of Thymol as BP. We deals Thymol as several certified crystals format and powders also. Our current lookup zone Middle east, Far east, Africa, USA etc.

Review Summry - What is 10 kgs price?

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Good quality, i need it 10 kg

By Lali Varma Posted On 2019-04-23

Review Summry - thymol for acne

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what thymol is useful for acne also. We are facing acne from few day. I am writing here and mail you. Kindly send us the best price and quality

By Sumer Narwal Mumbai Posted On 2019-05-10

Review Summry - thymol crystals msds

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Scott M. here from United State, I have looked your site to Google. And now we are writing for you. Kindly send us COA and MSDS of Thymol Crystals. We need it 250 kg for United State.

By Scott M. Posted On 2019-06-24

Review Summry - thymol crystals good scents

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hello AOS how are you? Very truth products offered by only you in India. I am Amit kumar from Jaipur and I am looking crystals of Thymol for Canada. So can you quote us best price of thymol in Canada

By Amit kumar Posted On 2019-06-24

Ques. Is thymol safe?

Ans. Since thymol work as the agent of Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial. It is safe for cosmetic products only. For more consult to AOS QC Teams.

Ques. What thymol work as antifungal?

Ans. Yes it has virtual quality of Anti-fungal.

Ques. Thymol where to buy?

Ans. Either you come to buy from India or USA, Middle East, Far East or any where you may a good option to buy pure Thymol from AOS.

Ques. What grade you sell in thymol?

Ans. We offer Thymol as per BP.

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