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Negro Coffee Extract

Negro Coffee Extract
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Negro Coffee Extract

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Negra coffee is also known as Kasamarda, Coffee Senna, Stinking weed, Foetid cassia, Coffeeweed, Sickle pod, Stephanie coffee, Mugdad ambush and Bana Chakunda, which is scientifically known as Cassia Occidentalis or Senna Occidentalis. It is a perennial plant which grows in the tropical and temperate climate. In India, it is widely grows in Odisha.

All parts of the plant are used as food and medicines by tribal in India. The seed of the plant has been toxic or poisonous for children under 12. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-malarial, analgesic, laxative, vermifuge and febrifuge properties.

It is extracted from the roots, leaves and seed of Negro coffee by using solvent extraction method.

Health Benefits of Kasamarda Extract:
It is used in many treatment such as gout, rheumatism, diabetes, hemorrhoids, heart disease, laxative, diuretic, wooping cough, asthma, snake-bite, fever and flu.It is also helps to reduce blood pressure, reduces spasm, detoxify liver and cure internal bacterial and fungal disorders.

Mogdad coffee seeds can be roasted and used as a substitute for coffee and also has been used in the diet of Maldives dishes such as “mas huni”.

Botanical Name:
Cassia Occidentalis or Senna Occidentalis.
It belongs from Fabaceae (leguminaceae) family.

7 Excellent uses and Benefits of Kasamarda Extract:

  1. It helps to detoxify liver.
  2. It helps to regularizes bowel movements and its mild, laxative properties are helpful in treating constipation.
  3. It helps to relieves in respiratory tract disorder.
  4. It also helps in cough, convulsions, reducing blood pressure, reduces spasms and as cardio tonic.
  5. The seeds of negra coffee are used as substitute of coffee in Maldives.
  6. It is also used in Maldives dishes such as“Mas huni”.
  7. It is said to be best in indigestion.

Pregnancy and lactation women should avoid the use of Negra coffee, it may be dangerous for them. Children under 12 should also avoid the use of negra coffee it may be toxic or poisonous it may cause death.

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