Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

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Cananga Odorata commonly called as Ylang Ylang oil is a fast growing tree, it is of 12m in height and grows well in full or partial sun .Flower is sea star in appearance which yields fragrant essential oil, it has black fruit. The fragrance of ylang ylang is rich & deep with notes of rubber & custard. It is also called as poor man’s jasmine.


Ylang ylang oil is obtained by steam distillation of flowers.

It has sweet flowery fragrance and its aroma is rich & sweet floral.


Its main components are benzyl acetate, linalool, P- cresyl , methyl ether & menthyl benzoate , sesquiterpenes.


It blends well with Bergamot, grapefruits, lavender & sandalwood.


  1. It is used in aromatherapy.
  2. It lowers B.P.
  3. It is used in flavoring.
  4. It is widely used in perfumes.
  5. It fights depression & relaxes both body & soul.
  6. It is beneficial in curing inflammation & it regularizes sebum production.
  7. Essential oil can avoid both septic & tetanus in wounds by disinfecting wounds.
  8. It speeds up process of healing.
  9. Indian Ylang Ylang Oil uses for boosting nervous system properly.
  10. If your internal organs has infected than It can better cure for example urinary tract and stomach intestines colon etc.
  11. It is good for people suffering insomnia, fatigue.
  12. It maintains moisture in skin.


One should avoid when pregnant.

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Review Summry - Aroma Oil

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This oils is nice ! heavenly fragrance relief from stress you can call it stress busting oil. use it regularly to remain cool and calm.

By Marcus Posted On 2019-01-31

Review Summry - Ylang Ylang Oil

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Pleasing aroma. Nice stress reducer. Good product by the manufacturer.

By Mark Posted On 2019-02-09

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