Saw Palmetto Oil

Saw Palmetto Oil

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Oftenly the plant of Saw Palmetto called as Sabal Palmetto or Cabbage Palmetto etc. Naturally, the plat of Saw Palmetto is fan-shaped and small leaves. Origination of Saw Palm plant is southeastern US.

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Saw Palmetto Oil:
Saw Palmetto Oil is a unique product of AOS Brand. Yet you are unable to clarify that from which plant it derived. Then you may think about of Sabal Palmetto. Probably the plant of Saw Palmetto called as Sabal Palmetto or Cabbage Palmetto etc. Naturally, the plat of Saw Palmetto is fan-shaped and small leaves. Origination of Saw Palm plant is southeastern US.

Saw palmetto oil History:
Saw palmetto is a palm species and is very useful in production of supplements that are completely packed with various health benefits. According to the research work, it shows that saw palmetto is helpful in increasing the testosterone levels, prevents the hairfall, reduces inflammation, improves prostate health and improves urinary tract infection.

Its fruit is about the size of a berry and is a single seed drupe. and has medicinal qualities. It is sometimes called as SAW PALMETTO BERRY. This berry is rich in lipid components and carbohydrates. For the production of dietary supplements, dried ripe fruit part of the plant is used.


Saw palmetto essential oil is known to have a fabulous effective herbal treatment to control hair loss and cure conditions like alopecia. Excessive levels of DHT is the root cause of excessive hair loss in adult men. DHT bounds itself to the hair follicles and shortens their growth phase, which in turn causes hair loss.

Description based on COA Reports:
Synonyms- Sabal Palmetto, Sawpalmetto, Saw Plametto, swamp cabbage, blue palm or palmetto or common palmetto etc.
Part Uses- Berries of Sabal Serulata
Color & Properties- Fatty oil, yellow color and has odor characteristic

Sawpalmetto is a low-growing plant that resembles by palm tree. This is most useful for treats variety of medical issues and also useful for despite modern medical advancement, many pharmaceutical Companies and doctors prefer these oils for most of mens health issues. One of the global facts you must to know that we are now ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, GMP, HACCP and HALAL, Kosher certified manufacturer about of Saw Palmetto essential oil. So whenever you making any plan to buy this pure oil in bulk, first you can check our certificate details and than buy from us.

9 Wonderful Uses and health Benefits-
AOS products manufacture only unique and natural oil of saw palmetto, we have also listed this product in our essential oils, so as per the best guidance of essential oils and categories its have some verified uses:

  1. Most effective for hair loss. Saw Palmetto oil naturally treat the hair fall.
  2. If you are suffering by premature aging, you may use it!!
  3. Helpful in headaches and migraine problems
  4. It cures in hard cough and cold
  5. In soar thought, this essential oil is helpful
  6. Also uses in asthma
  7. Helpful in the difficulties of urinating
  8. It is helpful to balance hormones etc.
  9. For a long time benefits related to hair fall can be prevent by only this essential oil.

Mechanism and Properties of Saw Palmetto Oil-

AOS Products know best about of the mechanism and how it works? Our researcher team believes that it may be the block of an enzyme (5-alpha-reductase) by allowing the hormone testosterone from being converted to another hormone, dihydro-testosterone. This natural oil has some unique properties as anticancer and Anti-inflammatory, so richly used in home remedies products.

Saw Palmetto Oil where to buy?
We are also a reputed Brand in the industries of Sawpalmetto oil Manufacturer in India.. Whether if you are searching where you may shop pure and at optimum rate of saw palmetto oil? Then you have come at right place. Ok We AOS offers Saw Palmetto Oils by following work Category like that Oil of Saw Palmetto in India. We deal as global Saw Palmetto Oil Manufacturers and Exporters in India. Find here Largest Essential Saw Palmetto Oil in India that on Best Price than you have one of the premium option with us. There are widest uses of Saw Palmetto Oil so if you want to buy or imports from us than you may call, email or drop a massage to our high secure form. Thanks to shop Saw palmetto oil with us.

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