What is Saw Palmetto Oil

What is Saw Palmetto Oil
Posted on 2021-10-25

Know About Saw Palmetto Oil and How to Check the Purity

Saw palmetto known as ‘American Dwarf palm’ is a small palm tree. Scientifically known as ‘Serenoa Repens’ grows in clumps or dense thickest in the sandy coastal area and contains approx. 90% fatty acids. The best source of nutrition is standardized with fatty acids and cold press preserving its essential properties.

Cold Press method’ uses in the extraction of Saw Palmetto oil.

GC (Gas Chromatography) method is the best method to identify the purity of oil and the paper test method can also be applied.

Uses of Saw Palmetto in Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Industries

1. Most commonly uses to decrease symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
2. Prevents complications from prostate surgery and other prostate conditions, male-pattern baldness, sexual dysfunctions, and others.
3. Taking Saw Palmetto during radiation for early prostate cancer doesn’t seem to improve symptoms of the disease.
4. Improves urinary tract functions and can be an aid in the treatment of urinary tract symptoms caused by BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia).
5. Contains the antioxidants that prevent damage to the cell, decrease inflammation and protect against chronic disease.
6. Available in capsules, soft gel, and tablet form. Can be taken in a dose of 320 mg per day that helps to enhance prostate health as pumpkin seed extracts.

➥ Reduces Hair Loss- Property of balancing hormones level helps to reduce hair loss. It may also reduce the hair loss by reducing the uptake of Di Hydro Testosterone (DHT).
➥ Increases blood circulation in the skin. Reduces skin irritations and may be beneficial for several skin types, including oily, acne-prone skin.
➥ Comes in different forms including topical and oral. The extract can be directly applied by using it in its serum form or buying a natural shampoo, lotion, and cream in which it’s an ingredient.

Helps in minimizing digestive issues and It can be taken with food if it upsets the stomach.

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Side Effects of Saw Palmetto Oil

➢ Some most common side effects of Saw Palmetto oil include headache, dizziness, nausea, and constipation.
➢ Not suitable for those taking hormone replacement therapy or any treatment like this.
➢ It may also be harmful with blood-thinning medications, which can increase bleeding risk. Before a surgery always tell your doctor all of the supplement which has taken.
➢ Saw Palmetto Oil may cause mild side effects and should not be taken by pregnant women.
➢ This natural oil is considered normally safe but it’s not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.

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