Olibanum Oil

Olibanum Oil

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The place of origin of Olibanum is Middle East. Gum rosin is taken from the juice exudes that is made deep in the tree trunk. After one week when this comes in contact with air it hardens & changes into gum Rosin. Earlier it was used by Egyptians as a face mask. We are Biggest Olibanum Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India. We export it to 95+ countries. Any bulk inquiry and products feedback, Write Us.

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Olibanum Oil Food, Cosmetic and Pharma Grade:
The place of origin of Olibanum is Middle East. Gum rosin is taken from the juice exudes that is make deep in the tree trunk. After one week when this comes in contact with air it hardens & changes into gum Rosin. Earlier it was used by Egyptian as a face mask.

Now Check Specification:





Botanical Name

Boswellia Serrata



Part of the plant used


Molecular formula


Fema number









Fluid liquid


Pale yellow to light yellow


Odor is strongly diffusive,fresh almost green lemon like sweet


Woody Balsamic undertone



Specific gravity

0.865 to 1.654

Refractive index

1.365- 1.575

Optical rotation

(+4˙) - (+55˙)


Soluble in alcohol and other organic solvents


Store in well fitted container,in cool and dark place

Olibanum oil history:
Olibanum is known as frankincense. It has been traded in Arabian Peninsula for more than 6,000 years. It was banned during religious ceremonies. By baby lonians and Assyrians.

Common uses of Olibanum Oil:
It is used as Pessian Medicine for Gastraties, diabetes and stomach ulcer. Olibanum oil has anti-inflammatory properties and many used to treat osteoarthritis. Researcher suggests that Olibanum oil has cardio protective benefits. It helps to lowering blood lipids and reducing plaque.

The resin of Olibanum depends upon the humidity. As good quality resin is obtained from dry area away from coastal area. The lowest quality resin comes from wet area. Hot spring weather is suitable for growth of Olibanum.

Olibanum oil extraction method:
Olibanum oil is extracted through steam distillation process from the oleo gum resin of Olibanum. The yield is 3-10.

12 Health Benefits and Uses:
  1. It is used in massage oil (Other Massage oil as Jojoba Oil)
  2. It is used in anti aging cream & it is helpful to remove wrinkles and make skin smoothen.
  3. Pure Olibanum oil is also used in cream & lotion.
  4. The use of olibanum oil make ease in breathing while there is breathing problem.
  5. It can be used for the treatment of Asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough & laryngitis.
  6. It is very good for rejuvenate an aging skin.
  7. It is used against skin wounds, scars & inflammation.
  8. It is a better treatment against insomnia and circulatory problem.
  9. It is also used in perfumes; it is very important ingredient in skin care.
  10. It is used for mouth freshness and toothpaste with peppermint oil.
  11. Olibanum oil is helpful to calm the anxiety.
  12. It is perfect for use of meditating. It calms the mind.

Chemical Composition:
Chemical constituent of Olibanum oil are actenol, alpha pinene, linalool, octyl acetate, bornyl acetate, incensyl acetate, incensole.

Olibanum oil concoctions:
Olibanum oil is can blends with other oils like Sandalwood, benzoin, lavender oil, myrrh. Lemon Oil, bergamot, orange, Pine oil etc

Eye Contact:
If olibanum oil comes in contact with eye, wash eye with plenty of water till 15 minutes, remove contact lances. If serious condition then call doctor immediately.
Skin Contact:
Remove contaminated clothes if Olibanum oil comes in contact with skin. Wash thoroughly with fresh water at least 15 minutes. Contact a doctor immediately if irritations persist. If olibanum oil is inhaled in high conc. Take the person to fresh air, if serious condition then calls the physician immediately.

  • While handling do not drink and smoke.
  • Do not leave the drum empty as empty drum.
  • Maintain the proper cleanness and hygiene.
  • Keep the drum in cool and dark place temperature below 25 °.

Olibanum oil is non toxic & non irritant. It can be easily used by people.

Olibanum Oil Where to Buy?

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