AOS Products Pvt Ltd offer carefully and gently distilled Spice Oils and their oleoresins so that the quality, essence and taste of the oil remains intact. As these product goes into food, flavours and Pharma Usage, we try our hard to make them of highest quality keeping their natural properties intact. Consistency, Taste, Aroma and Hygiene are our top priority.  

Cardamom Oil

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Capsicum Oleoresin

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Cardamom Flavour Powder

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Cardamom Oleoresin

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Cassia Flavour Powder

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Cassia Oleoresin

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Celery Oil

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Celery Oleoresin

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Copper Chlorophyll

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Coriander Flavour Powder

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Cumin Oil

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Curcumin Powder

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Date Extract

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Fennel Oil

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Garlic Oleoresin

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Ginger Flavour Powder

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Ginger Oil

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Green Amla Extract

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Green Black Pepper Oleoresin

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Green Chilly Oleoresin

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Green Coffee Oleoresin

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Green Ginger Oleoresin

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Green Tea Extract

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Guggul Extract

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Mace Oleoresin

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Nutmeg Oil

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Nutmeg Oleoresin

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Onion Oleoresin

Product Code : AOS127 View Details

Paprika Oleoresin

Product Code : AOS128 View Details

Pineapple Fruit Extract

Product Code : AOS129 View Details

Plated Ginger Oleoresin

Product Code : AOS130 View Details

Roasted Coffee Extract

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Roasted Coriander Oleoresin

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Black Pepper Oil

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