Lime Oil

Lime Oil

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Lime is a citrus fruit and is an excellent source of vitamin C & it is used to increase the flavors of food & beverages. They are grown year round in tropical climates. Lime Pickles are integral part of Indian cuisine. In cooking it is valued both for its acidity & floral aroma. It is ingredient of many cuisines from India. Lime extract & oils are used in perfumery, cleaning products & Aromatherapy. Its scientific name is citrus Aurantifolia.

Oil is obtained by
cold compression of fresh lime peels or by steam distillation of dried peels.

It has sweet & tart citrus taste and is light green in color with hint of orange / yellow.

It s main components are alpha pinene, beta pinene, limonene, cineole, linalool, borneol & Geranyl acetate.

It blends well with essential oils like clary sage, Lavender, Neroli & ylang ylang oils.

  1. It can cure infections& prevents infections on skin & in wounds.
  2. It helps to cure sores & other similar problems
  3. It is used in pickles, jams, desserts.
  4. It is used in cosmetics & the industrial products.
  5. It cures viral infections of respiratory systems.
  6. It helps to fight & protect against viral infections such as mumps, measles & pox etc.
  7. It helps to cure toothaches, tightens muscles.
  8. It helps to stop hemorrhaging.
  9. It can serve as appetizer.
  10. It is used in treatment of food poisoning, typhoid etc.
  11. It cures internal bacterial infections of stomach & intestines.
  12. It acts as disinfectant.
  13. If applied to hair it helps in keeping scalp clean & protects hair from lice.
  14. It can cure cause of fever.
  15. It restores health & gives strength to organ system.
  16. It tones up muscles, tissues & skin.
  17. It can reduce pain in muscle & joints.
  18. It is a very good antioxidant.
It can cause photo-sensitivity if exposed to direct sunlight after application.

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