Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil

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Clary sage is extracted bye the mode of steam distillation of flowering tops.

Clary sage essential oil is useful in the condition like Asthma, depression, digestive problem,exhaustion,mucle cramps, spasm and respiratory problem. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic and sedative. The oil is also used for depression,nervousness,sore throat,minor aches and pain.

Its essential oil sooths, relax, and warm.It contains a hormone like compound that regulate hormonal behave resulting in its use for moderating PMS symptoms.
It is used in massage oil or diluted in the bath.
It is used in a cream or lotion.
Clary sage may be added to food or water as a dietary supplement.Its leaves have been used as a vegetable in cookery It is also used in preparing mucilage which is a special adhesive composed of a solution of a sticky vegetable product used primarily to seal paper.

A clear to pale yellow essential oil, Clary sage has a sweet, nutty fragrance; somewhat herbaceous. The viscosity is watery, viscous if the leaves are included in the distillation. The main chemical components of celery sage are linalool, linally acetate, caryophyllene, a-terpineol, geraniol, neryl acetate, sclareol and germacrene D.It was first originated from South Africa.

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