What is Turpentine Oil

What is Turpentine Oil
Posted on 2023-12-08

Know all About Turpentine Oil - Origin, How to Make and Uses

The natural oil of Turpentine is basically prepared from the resin of certain pine trees. Turpentine oil is used as a specialized solvent and thinner for paints and varnishes. The term turpentine is derived from the Greek word terebinthine. It is a Mediterranean tree related to the pistachio. Turpentine oil is useful for its anti-parasitic effects in the treatment of myosis. The top source of resins used in turpentine production includes ponderosa pine, Aleppo pine, maritime pine, Turpentine oil BP, turpentine gum and turpentine oil USP. Turpentine oil is generally produced

Production Method (How to Make?):
Turpentine oil is differentiated according to the method of production.
1.Sulfate turpentine------ It is obtained by the product of the Kraft or sulfate process of cooking wood pulp in the course of the manufacture of Kraft paper.
2. Wood turpentine------- It is obtained by the steam distillation of dead shredded bits of pine wood.
3. Gun turpentine -------- It is obtained by distillation of the exudate of the living pine tree obtained by tapping.
4. Crude turpentine------- It is obtained by the living pine tapping typically.

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Know Properties and 17 Impressive Uses of Turpentine Oil

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES---Turpentine oil is a colorless liquid with a hot disagreeable taste. It is odorous and flammable. Turpentine oil is insoluble in water. It is soluble in Sulphur and phosphorous. The melting point of turpentine oil is 55 degrees C and the boiling point is 154 degrees C. The oil has a sour bitter taste. The density of turpentine oil is 0.85g cm3.General formula of turpentine oil is C10H16. Turpentine oil is soluble in ether alcohol chloroform and glacial acetic acid. Oil of turpentine is optically active.

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES-------It contains beta-pinene, beta- turpentine, alpha- turpentine and alpha-pinene.



  1. Turpentine oil is used in making tonics.
  2. Turpentine oil is used in making aseptic ointments.
  3. Turpentine oil is used for thinning oil-based paints. It is used as a solvent in many industries. Due to its high evaporation rate when it is mixed with paint, it facilitates faster drying of the paint. Turpentine oil is also used to remove paint from the skin. It is also used to clean paintbrushes.
  4. It oil is used in counter irritated medicines.
  5. Turpentine oil is also used as a furniture wax.
  6. Turpentine oil is also used as a source of organic compound as a source of raw material in the synthesis of fragrant chemical compounds.
  7. Turpentine oil is used in many cleaning and sanitary products due to its antiseptic properties.
  8. A mixture of ethanol and turpentine oil is called camphene served as the dominant lamp fuel.
  9. Turpentine oil made by AOS Products also can used as a flavoring ingredient in beverages and in foods.
  10. Turpentine oil is useful in joint pains, muscle pain and nerve pain and tooth pain.
  11. Turpentine oil is also helpful in reducing chest congestion
  12. Turpentine oil uses in soap and cosmetics and as paint solvents.
  13. Turpentine oil is used topically to treat rheumatoid and neurologic disorders and disseminated sclerosis.
  14. In building and construction, turpentine oil can be used to create waterproof cement products.
  15. Turpentine oil is used as a lubricant for equipment such as drill and grinder for glass.
  16. Turpentine oil is used on new wood before finishing.
  17. Due to antibacterial properties turpentine oil is used in sanitation.


1- To check the purity of turpentine oil we can check specific gravity refractive index and optical rotation.
Refined turpentine oil is water while liquid with a mild characteristics odor. If you are looking for 1st Grade and 100% Pure Oil, then you first think about "AOS Products Manufacturers".
2- The color of crude turpentine oil is yellow to brown. In the case of sulfate turpentine, a very foul odor comes out due to the presence of volatile Sulphur.
3- Refined turpentine oil is clear and haze is due to the presence of water.

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