What is Vetiver Oil

What is Vetiver Oil
Posted on 2022-02-28

Know all about Vetiver Oil. How to Identify its Purity?

Vetiver is a plant of Poaceae family and it’s root is used to make medicines. It’s common names are khus, perennial grass. It is native to tropical Asia and has been introduced into the tropics of both hemispheres. It’s plant is sometimes grown as a hadge and is useful in dry land restoration to reduce soil erosion.

How to make and properties of Vetiver Oil?
The stream distillation process is used to extract this oil. It contains khusimene, delta-selinene, beta-vetivenene, cyclocopacamphan-12-ol, vetiselineol, khusimol, isovalencenol, khusimone, alpha-vetivone and beta-vetivone.

Why is Vetiver good for sleep?
The Vetiver oil smells very rich and earthy. This is another great oil for better sleep because it is psychologically grounding, calming and stabilizing.

5 Excellent Health & beauty Benefits of Vetiver Oil

1. Moisturizing skin- The Vetiver has the property to retain water as it has a high water holding capacity. It helps to hydrate and moisturizes our skin without forming any greasy layer. It’s this property helps to keep skin moisturized for many hours.
2. Balances skin tone- Our skin’s natural pH level is constantly altered by exposure to dust and pollution. This oil plays an important role in restoring natural pH level of skin. It helps to reduce skin scars caused by acne.
3. Reduce inflammation- its cooling properties helps to eliminate sunburns and soothe any redness. It limits the acne outbreaks considerably along with simultaneously healing skin.
4. Heals wounds- This oil is helpful in skin cell regeneration and boosting the growth of new cells.
5. Antioxidant- According to a study vetiver oil has antioxidant properties, antioxidants scavenge our body’s systems for toxins and what are called free radicals which disrupt our body’s processes and contribute to the sign of aging.

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How to check purity of Vetiver Oil

➥ “GC-MS” (Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry) is a very perfect method to check purity of the oil.
➥ ‘Paper-Test’ method can be used.
➥ Pure oil must not contain any artificial substance.
➥ This amazing oil, if you have on your hand, you will never feel greasy or oily.

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