Myrrh Oil Benefits

Myrrh Oil Benefits
Posted on 2024-07-08

What is Myrrh Oil?, Know Benefits, for Health and More..!

“Myrrh” is commonly obtained from the trees of Frankincense, so it is called Bol, Bola, and Merra. Myrrh is an aromatic oil. We get it from a small, thorny Commiphora myrrh tree. It is brown-red sap. In aroma sessions, it is known for relief from colds, congestions, and coughs.

In aroma therapy, it increases the feeling of spiritual awakening, by inhaling its decent smell we can lift/ remove negative moods. Application of myrrh oil topically or directly on skin gives the smoothness in itching, reduces the chance of eczema, and prevents cracking.

In massage, myrrh oil strengthens the muscles and makes the skin smooth.

We can apply myrrh on the skin after dilution because essential oils are often too strong for direct application. To ensure everyone’s safety appropriate dilution is needed before the application of essential oil.

It is used for indigestion, colds, asthma, and lung congestion, arthritis pain, also used to increase menstruation flow. Myrrh is especially used in China and Egypt for back pain, wound healing, etc. Nowadays several pharmaceutical companies are using this incredible oil to make medicines for the treatment of oral infection and inflammation.

Warning & Note – if you have oral surgery you should avoid myrrh. Because its higher quantity may be unhealthy. So, before using it, you first take advice from your Doctors/ Consultants.

Learn 11 Proven Benefits and Uses of Myrrh Essential Oil

1- It is used in healing wounds from infection, and it regulates Menstruation.
2- It helps in reducing hair loss and strengthening the roots, its scent increases alertness and boosts energy.
3- Topical use of myrrh oil provides smoothness in itching.
4- It is used to cure cough, cold, and congestion.
5- In aromatherapy use of myrrh oil provides calmness to our brain.
6- Its smoke is sweet and warm, and its woody aroma can help in spiritual activities.
7- It is used to make long-lasting fragrances or perfumes.
8- It helps in skin inflammation.
9- It is used to kill harmful bacteria from the skin and scalp.
10- It is helpful in arthritis.
11- It boosts our oxygen level.

It is good for preventing the body from bacteria after death. Or we can say it is good for mummification/art life.

Ancient Egyptians preserve one’s body after death for art life and their religious belief. This process takes 70 days time period.

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Does Myrrh Oil have Side Effects?

It is safe for most people if used in small amounts. But in a few cases, it can cause skin rashes, if applied directly or topically, and can cause diarrhea if taken by mouth. A quantity of more than 2-4 grams can cause kidney irritation. During pregnancy, the use of myrrh oil can cause abortion.

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