Juniper Berry Oil Benefits

Juniper Berry Oil Benefits
Posted on 2023-09-22

What is Juniper Berry Oil? And How to Make It?

Juniper Berries: It is a feminine seed cone created by the numerous species of junipers. It’s not a factual berry but a cone with remarkably plump and fused scales, which gives it a berry-like presence. Very atypical species of juniper cones, specifically Juniperus communis, are used as a spice, mainly in the cuisine of Europe, and also give gin its distinctive flavor. Juniper berries are among the only spices derivative from conifers, along with spruce buds.

How to Make Juniper Berry Oil?
Pure Juniper berry oil is obtained by using steam distillation process of wood, the needles and powdered fruits of juniper, heaving the scientific name Juniperus communis.

Benefits of Juniper Berries:

➠ Release oxidative stress and help avoid disease: One major benefit of juniper berries is the antioxidants they contain. It helps the body to avoid and fight disease as it relieves oxidative stress triggered by too many free radicals in the system.
Usual Antiseptic: The uncontaminated and anti-fungal potentials of juniper berries have stood the test of time which resultant that juniper berry essential oil is frequently suggested as a natural household cleaning agent. These berries have convincing effects on several strains of bacteria and fungi
➠ Recovers skin conditions: juniper berries, specifically in the form of essential oil, treat skin issues like rash or eczema. The antioxidants it contains are possibly one major cause of making skin effective.
helps to improve digestion: Juniper berry oil has been considered from a long time as a digestive aid in folk medicine.
➠ Helps soothing sleep: Many natural health practitioners dose juniper berry essential oil as a relaxant and trust it has a positive influence on brain chemistry, encouraging rest.
➠ It may be useful against certain cancers: Many herbs and foods that have substantial antioxidant activity are studied for their potential impact on diseases like cancer.
➠ Good for Heart: Juniper berries can help to improve heart due to its antioxidant qualities
➠ Juniper essential oil can be included as part of a diabetic diet plan
➠ May help treat Leishmaniasis

You Should Know About 5 Surprising Benefits of Essential Oil

Juniper Berry Oil - Useful for Skin & Hairs

It helps to regulate hormones and recover skin conditions caused by hormonal imbalances, leaving the skin healthy and more even, as well as less reactive to external

1. Natural cleanser: They help to remove toxic chemicals from body cells, support natural functions of the body, and promote overall well-being.

2. Soothing Massage: Augment your skin with the best of essential oils, while enjoying a relaxing massage. For a wonderful massage blend, combine Juniper Berry essential oil with Coconut Oil for a soothing, cleansing massage. Juniper Berry Essential oil holds influential topical cleansing benefits which help to cleanse the skin. The aroma of this oil helps to provide a calming, grounding effect that is flawless for any massage.

3. Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Hair Care: Woman using oil for healthy hair. Again, essential oils work as a miracle on hair and scalp as they are exactly that – strong and effective, yet gentle enough for use on sensitive skin types. It has antibacterial properties which help to treat scalp infection and keep it dandruff-free.

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How to Use and Side Effects

How to Use?
First always dilute juniper essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio before applying it directly to your skin. The juniper essential oil enters the skin and passes into the bloodstream. Then it makes its way into different parts of the body for pain reduction and other healing benefits.

Mix coconut oil or Olive oil with juniper oil and massage the scalp with and keep it for overnight and thereafter wash the hairs with regular shampoo. It will give an extra softness to the hair and make it shiny.

Detoxifies Body:
Also, Juniper Berry Essential Oil helps to detoxify the body, by adding a few drops of oil to salads. If the body is detoxifying regularly then there is a natural luster in your hairs.

Caution & Side Effects:
In some cases, using juniper essential on the skin can results into some side effects including burning, irritation, redness, and swelling. Please avoid using it on large skin wounds. Having berry oil of juniper by mouth long-term or high in dose is LIKELY UNSAFE as it can result in kidney problems, seizures, and other serious side effects.

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