How to Check Purity of Clove Oil

How to Check Purity of Clove Oil
Posted on 2022-08-10

Know About Clove Oil and How to Identify the Purity

Clove is an aromatic flower bud of the tree of Myrtaceae family. It is native to Maluku Island Indonesia. Its botanical name is Syzygium Aromaticum and its similar names are Fern, Cinnamon, Bluebell, Arbor, Crimson, Anise, and Dove. It contains Eugenol, Eugenyl acetate, and Caryophyllene. It contains Eugenol 76.8%, Beta-Caryophyllene 17.4%, and Alpha Acetate 1.2%. This oil has been used in the pharma, cosmetic, and food industries.

The Clove Oil is extracted using “Steam Distillation Process”.

➠ “GC” (Gas Chromatography) is the exact but costly method to identify purity of the oil.
➠ ‘Paper Test’ method can be used, it is free of cost but cannot identify the components of the oil.
➠ The pure oil must not be greasy or oily.
➠ The oil must contain “zero artificial substances”.

Uses of Pure Clove Oil in Pharma, Cosmetic and Food Industries

1. Digestive properties- The oil is used in easing digestive upset, relieving stomach pain and diarrhea.
2. Antimicrobial- This oil contains eugenol which has the ability to kill bacteria and yeast. It’s this property makes it an effective antimicrobial and anti-fungal which may help to protect from fungal infection (Know About Thyme Oil for Fungal Infections) like athlete’s foot, oral thrust and vaginal yeast infection.
3. Dental- The oil has very effective properties to prevent our tooth from cavities and relieve oral pain.
4. Anticancer- According to a study this oil stops the cell growth of cancer and helps to kill them.

1. Skin- This oil helps to relieve itching and promoting wound healing. It is a powerful anti-aging ingredient, that helps to reduce skin aging lines and wrinkles. It helps to remove dead cells and improves blood circulation to make our skin shiny and young.
2. Hair- The oil helps to reduce dandruff, scalp and hair fall. To find a better result for hair growth, apply a DIY hair mask prepared with Clove Oil. It also prevents our hair from premature graying.

This oil can be used in baking pastries and candy. Only one or two drops of pure clove oil are good for about 10 servings of pastries. It can be used as flavoring agent in the foods and beverages.

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Side Effects of Clove Essential Oil

➥ In the case of ingestion, it may cause of breathing difficulties, heart burning, nose or throat burning, upset stomach and diarrhea.
➥ Avoid it during pregnancy.
➥ Don’t use this oil directly on the skin, it may cause rashes or skin burns. Before using, dilute it with carrier oils.
➥ In the case of coming in the contact with the eye, take clean water and wash the eye for 15 minutes, in serious conditions, immediately contact the doctor.

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