Essential Oils for Eczema

Essential Oils for Eczema
Posted on 2022-05-23

What is Eczema? Know Why the Essential Oils may be a Good Option

Eczema can be called the problem of itching in other words. With eczema, a person starts having problems like a red rash, itching, or burning in the skin and organs. In some people, there is a problem of swelling along with itching. Eczema especially affects the skin on any part of your body. In some people, the problem of eczema gets cured without any treatment or herbs. Apart from this, eczema becomes very severe and contagious in some people, which needs to be treated at the right time.

All of us should know that Essential Oils play a vital role to reduce Eczema and other major skin diseases. Treatment with essential oil is very effective in removing the problem of eczema. In today's article, we are going to tell you about that how to help essential oil in the treatment of eczema.

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Which Essential Oils can Cure & Know How to Use

Following are the aroma (all the below things have explained in Ayurveda) process treatment for eczema. We AOS Products and the team are now ready to share why these oils benefit eczema and how. You should know about each oil :

Why Brahmi Oil? – Brahmi is a very good Ayurvedic herb; it has many medicinal properties that relieve the problem of eczema.
How to Use: Regular use of Brahmi reduces skin related problems. For example is redness or rashes in the skin, itching in the skin, and more. After using this herb on the affected area, leave it for some time, and then clean it. This process can be used twice or thrice a week.

Why Coconut Oil? – Coconut oil contains many beneficial ingredients which remove problems like itching and burning. Coconut oil works as a medicinal on the problem arising in the skin.
How to Use: On which part of your skin eczema is there, leave it by applying coconut oil, but apply it a few hours before washing. In general, coconut oil acts as a medicinal for the problem of skin infection or itching. According to research, coconut oil is very beneficial for the problem of eczema, as it provides relief from inflammation and redness.

Why basil Essential Oil? – Tulsi or basil is considered a very good Ayurvedic remedy. It is used for skin problems not from today but from time immemorial. Tulsi should be used for the problem of eczema. Its use reduces the problem of itching, burning, redness. Tulsi has some such properties and antioxidant, anti-septic properties are present. It protects the skin by preventing infection.
How to Use: For this, take basil juice in a cloth and apply it on the affected skin. If you seriously want to fight against eczema than, these rules should apply twice or thrice time a week.

Why Aloe Vera Gel? – Aloe Vera is an Ayurvedic herb which is used for various health problems. Aloe Vera gel helps in maintaining healthy skin health. Aloe Vera gel is extensively used for skin-related problems. It has many anti-inflammatory properties that prevent itching and infection of the skin. To cure eczema, use aloe Vera gel on the skin daily, by doing this your problem will start getting better in a few days.

Why Turmeric Oil? – Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which removes other health problems along with skin disorders. Turmeric oil is used to improve the natural beauty of the skin. Apart from this, it is beneficial in reducing itching, redness, and red rashes in the skin. Turmeric is one such herb that helps reduce the symptoms of eczema.
How to Use: To use turmeric, prepare a paste of turmeric and mix some rose water and fresh milk in it and apply it to the affected parts. After at least 10 or 15 minutes, clean it well. This essential protocol can be tried twice or thrice time in a week.

You Should Know some Essential Side Effects of Oils

The above essential oils that are shared for the treatment of Eczema that is 100% natural which does not mean that they are completely safe. All these oils are Plants based that obtained by the steam distillation process and sure these oils contain many bio-active compounds that can harm your health. However, most essential oils are safe when used with a carrier oils (some time these oils are called as base oil) on the skin. Apart from this, their fragrance can also cause some harm to children, pets, and pregnant women.
Some of the side effects though these oils, we are sharing with you as:
• Allergic reaction
• Headache, Vomiting
• Rashes
• Asthma attack, stomach problems and more

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