Custard Apple Seed Oil

Custard Apple Seed Oil
Posted on 2023-07-13

What is Custard Apple Seed Oil? know How to use for Skin, Hair and More

Custard Apple Seed is commonly known as Sharifa fruit or Sitaphal, it is a very sweet and tasty fruit in taste. Apart from this, it is also full of many types of nutrients, so it is very useful for our hair and skin. Now let's talk about the oil made from it, the essential fatty acids and amino acids present in custard oil keep the hair beautiful and soft. Start thinking about this amazing oil. Custard apple oil can also be used to treat itchy scalp or dandruff. It has similar regenerative properties for the skin as it takes care of the hair and scalp. Any Query, Write Us

Extraction Method (Know How to Make?)

Just as all carrier oils are made using the Basically Cold Pressed Method, similarly, Custard Apple Oil is extracted from the Cold Pressed Method.

10 Incredible Uses of Custard Apple Seed Oil. Know How to Use?

  1. This amazing oil is very good for skin rejuvenation
  2. Vitamin-C is very high in custard apple seeds. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system in the body. If we talk about a unique source of energy, no other oil can compare to it.
  3. It naturally heals the skin and protects the skin from various types of infections.
  4. The seeds of custard apple prevent anemia from anemia.
  5. It delays aging and keeps skin youthful. Are you facing pimple problems? Don’t worry, now start it and forget pimples-prone skin.
  6. The magnesium present in cilantro seeds balances water in the body and sodium, and potassium is in balanced amounts.
  7. For luxurious lifestyles, it is naturally moisturized hair.
  8. This amazing oil prevents premature graying hair.
  9. There are natural anti-oxidants in this oil that balance the oxygen level in the blood.
  10. For better hair growth, you can consider this oil in place of any expensive oil.

How to Use for Healthy Hair?
Mix custard apple seed extract with 100% natural Coconut Oil. After shampooing your hair, apply this mixture. Wrapped head with a fresh cotton towel. Wait for some time. Rinse after 30 minutes. Now look at the beauty of your hair, you will not believe how your hair's shine suddenly increased, say thank you custard apple seed.

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The Risk of Diabetes and Cancer is reduced by the Custard Apple Seed Oil. Know How

This amazing fruit is consumed huge in the monsoon of winter. This fruit coming in winter is more beneficial than apples. It can be consumed in many ways. It is consumed in the form of smoothies, shakes, and natural ice creams. According to the research by Bilaspur University, such properties are also found in the seeds of custard which reduce the risk of diseases for example diabetes and cancer. After research, efforts are also being made to make medicine from the seeds of custard apples.

Custard Apple Oil Where to Buy?
Let's have got a lot of information about custard apple seed, now it is good if you talk about some business too. If you have made up your mind to buy it, then start by checking some factors like the purity of custard seed oil and where to buy it. We are a manufacturer of this oil in bulk so you can start online now.

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