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Best Essential Oils for Cracked Heels
Posted on 2023-01-11

First We Should know Why the Heels Start Cracking

Cracked heels are nowadays one of the most irritating issues in winter’s monsoon. And if we are talking about these issues on behalf of gender we can say most women are suffering from these problems.

Still, it will also be necessary to say that whether children or Men, almost all people get troubled by cracked heels. If you don't care or you are not interested to moisturize your feet daily, obviously your heels will dry out and crack quickly.

Now let’s discuss some common health factors that are also responsible for cracked heels:
1. Walking barefoot, or wearing sandals that are open from behind
2. Dry skin due to changing weather
3. Using soaps containing many chemicals, which take away the natural oil from your feet.
4. Taking a long bath with hot water
5. Standing for long periods of time

3 Effective Oils for Cracked Heels:
➠ Coconut Oil
➠ Olive Oil
➠ Tea Tree Oil

Read About Various Essential Oils Benefits and Uses

Know How Coconut Oil Effective in Cracked Heels

This amazing oil is frequently suggested for dry skin, dermatitis, and psoriasis. It can help your skin with holding dampness. Utilizing coconut oil later a foot drench could be a decent choice, as well. Coconut oil's calming and antimicrobial properties may your broke heels assuming they're inclined to draining or diseases.

Know How Olive is Good for Cracked Heels:
Olive oil helps a lot in keeping the skin soft. Winters has come. In such a situation, before sleeping at night, massage your feet and heels with olive oil. Trying this tip daily will make your feet soft and there will be fewer chances of cracked heels.

How to Use It?
Take 1 t o2 teaspoon of olive oil and add six to seven drops of tea tree oil. Blend well. Give your foot a decent back rub with this mix, in the wake of absorbing your feet' warm water. You'll observe breaks vanishing rapidly.

How is Tea Tree Oil Good for?
Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties and can purge the heels all around well. It can quiet the redness, enlarging, and aggravation. Tea tree oil is one of the most mind-blowing medicinal ointments to use for broken heels.

Use Turmeric Oil for Relieving in Cracked Heels. Where to Buy Online?

This incredible oil contains a compound known as glycyrrhizin, which has mitigating and antimicrobial properties that might assist with battling microbes that contaminate the skin. Turmeric with its cancer prevention agent properties assists with lighting up and alleviates bothersome and disturbed skin, while the disinfectant properties help to recuperate dry skin normally.

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