All about Capsicum Oleoresin

All about Capsicum Oleoresin
Posted on 2023-12-08

Know All About Capsicum Oleoresin, Numerous Benefits and Side Effects

➠ This product is used to treat mild muscle/joint pain (e.g., arthritis, back pain, sprains).
➠ Due to its analgesic properties, capsicum oleoresin is used as the active ingredient in over-the-counter topical formulations for temporary pain relief in small muscles and joints and has been studied for the treatment of various neuropathic pain models.
➠ This ingredient is used in the production of hot sauces and is often added to ointments, lotions, and sprays to treat muscle or joint pain.
➠ It naturally burns calories.
➠ It is used in such medicine useful to boost immunity system
Capsicum oleoresin can be used in such medicines that prevent hypertension.
➠ Someone suffering from Yellow fever can be used to make medicines for such diseases.

Side Effects:
Do not apply the drug in the eyes, mouth, nostrils, or genitals. Otherwise, it can negatively impact your health. Wash your hands after using the drug, if you are not using the drug to treat your hands. You can use a cotton swab/tampon or a latex glove to apply the medication without touching it with your hands.

Do You Know? Capsicum Oleoresin is unique for Food Industries

Capsicum Oleoresin (20%) is a natural dietary supplement/food supplement obtained by solvent extraction from the crushed dried fruits of Capsicum Annum L or Capsicum Fruitescens L. Capsaicin content is 20-20.1%. Used in the food industry. Capsicum resin is often used as a cooking spice because capsicum resin is derived from chili peppers. Panscoma (Rollet, Switzerland) provided in-kind gifts and chili products.

Special Warnings and Precautions before Using Capsicum Oleoresin

  1. Specific warnings and precautions are based on data from another drug with exactly the same composition as capsicum oleoresin.
  2. Be careful and be sure to check the information in the Special Warnings and Precautions section of the directions for the drug capsicum oleoresin directly from the package or your pharmacy pharmacist.
  3. Before using It, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to capsaicin

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