About Safflower Oil

About Safflower Oil
Posted on 2021-09-02

What is Safflower Oil? Nutrition Facts & Classifications

Safflower oil is obtained from the seeds of the safflower plant. Its botanical name is Carthamus tinctorius. Many people also know it as fake saffron. This thistle plant belongs to the Daisy family, which is found in hot and dry environments. Safflower was first cultivated in China, India, Iran, and Egypt. The safflower plant is mainly grown as an oilseed crop.

But in ancient times safflower seeds were commonly used as dyes. In general, safflower flowers were used to make food, to dye clothes, and to prepare various types of medicines. Let's know what is the other information related to safflower oil.

Classifications of Safflower Oil:
Generally, there are two types of safflower oil. The first is the oil obtained from untreated seeds and the second is the oil obtained from treated seeds.
The used oil obtained from untreated seeds is bitter. Hence it is not used as edible oil. But the oil obtained from untreated seeds is commercially used in the production of flooring, tile, soap, paint solvent, etc.
Safflower oil obtained from treated seeds is used as edible oil.

Nutritional Facts about Safflower Oil:
Due to its nutritional value, safflower oil is becoming very popular as edible oil. The nutrients present in it benefit us in various ways. The components found in 100 grams of safflower oil are as follows:
1- Vitamin E (35 Mgs)
2- Vitamin K (70 to 9 Gms)
3- Energy: 880 to 885 Calories
4- Fatty Acid (7 to 8 Gms)
The presence of such nutrient this carrier oil benefits for our daily life and health.

Medicinal Applications of Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is used as edible oil but it is not easily available to everyone. Apart from this, the demand for safflower oil rich in medicinal properties is also very high and due to low production, it is not available to all the people. The medicinal properties present in safflower oil are as follows.
• Fighting harmful free radicals.
• Anticoagulant of blood.
• The one of the amazing application of safflower oil it to prevent the gathering of fat in the vessels of blood. So, you can take it daily with your diet
• Lowering of excess lipid or cholesterol in the blood.
• Improves heart health.
• Reducing the symptoms of anemia.
• Stomach cleansing or laxative properties.
• Wound healing properties.

Amazing Benefits of Safflower Oil:
Safflower oil is healthy edible oil that is available in two varieties.
1. High-oleic safflower oil and
2. High-Linolenic safflower oil

Both types of oils are good for cardiovascular health and they reduce cholesterol. Omega-6 fatty acids present in safflower oil can help in effectively removing skin problems. Let us know in detail how the use of safflower oil is beneficial for us.

It is very good for Heart Health:
Safflower seed oil is beneficial to overcome heart related problems. Safflower oil contains a good amount of unsaturated fats. This is a type of beneficial fatty acid for our body, which we need specially. This fatty acid protects heart health by reducing symptoms such as heart inflammation. Using safflower oil regularly can save people from problems like heart attack and stroke.

It is very good to reduce Chelosterol Level:
Safflower oil has naturally high cholesterol controlling properties. Both types (high-oleic or high-nololic) safflower oil are effective in reducing high cholesterol levels in the body. Both these oils have a low amount of saturated fat. The linoleic acid present in it reduces bad cholesterol. By which our blood vessels and heart can be kept healthy. If you are a high cholesterol patient, then you can add safflower oil to your diet will benefit you.

It is very good in Weight Loss:
For those who are troubled by their obesity, safflower oil is a good option. The benefits of oil obtained from safflower seeds are helpful in reducing body fat. Because safflower oil contains a good amount of omega-6 fatty acids. This fat helps in burning the excess fat in the body instead of accumulating in the body.

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Side Effects of Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is edible oil rich in medicinal properties and nutrients. Safflower oil is LIKELY SAFE when consumed orally for most people. But it can have some potential side effects when consumed in excess. Therefore, taking this oil in excess with the diet can be harmful.
➠ Some people may have allergic reactions when using safflower oil. People who are allergic to safflower oil should stay away from this oil.
➠ If you are nursing of pregnant women, you can take advice before taking it.
➠ People who have problems like bleeding should avoid consuming safflower oil. Because it can slow down blood clotting.

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