What is Dill Oil

What is Dill Oil
Posted on 2022-04-26

Know all About Dill Seed Oil : Botanic name, Variuos Properties and More

Dill seed oil extracted from the seeds or leaves /stem of the dill plant. Dill is a medicinal herb native to south-west or south-east Europe and cultivated since ancient times. The seeds has carminative, tranquilizing, stomachic and digestive properties so it have been traditionally used for treating stomach colic and ailments, flatulence, hemorrhoids and hiccups bad breath etc. Dill seed oil is rich in vitamin C so it used to treat scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C.

Botanical name-----anethumgraveolens

Dill seed oil has a grass like odour and is pale yellow in color with viscosity. Density-0.890-0.915 at 20C. Dill seed oil is soluble in alcohol and other organic solvents.

The main component of dill seed oil iscarvone, limonene, dill apiole and alpha phellandrene.

Dill seed oil is extracted by steam distillation of crushed seeds of anethumsowa.

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Know Industrial uses and benefits of Dill Oil

Pure Dill oil is used in variety of dishes to improve the taste of pickled vegetable sour cream cheese spread salad dressing and fish sauces.

Dill seed oil is also used as flavoring agent in candies, chewing gums etc.


  1. It is used as digestive gastrotonic and hepatotonic herb in medicine. Itis also useful as laxative.
  2. It provides important antioxidants,that are essential for the body because they inhibits oxidization.
  3. This seed oil can be taken internally to help purify the body system.
  4. Dill seed oil is used in medicines, perfumes and soap manufacturing because of its pleasant aroma.
  5. Dill seed oil contains high concentration of carvone. Due to carvone dill seed oil is used as antimicrobial agent.
  6. Dill seed oil can be used to help heal wounds.
  7. Dill seed oil helps reduce inflammation in the mouth and throat.
  8. Dill seed oil is used as a protection from head lice by rubbing it on the scalp.
  9. It helps treat urinary tract infection by regulating urine excretion without any difficulty.
  10. This essential oil has soothing and calming effects that is beneficial to reduce nervousness and relieves from depression and anxiety.
  11. It is used in gripe water which is a remedy of colic.

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