What is Sesame Seed Oil

What is Sesame Seed Oil
Posted on 2023-01-04

Know all About Sesame Seed Oil : History and Origin of the Oil

Sesame oil is extracted from the sesame seeds by cold-pressed method and it is edible vegetable oil. Besides being used as cooking oil. It is used as a flavor enhancer in many cuisines, having a distinct nutty aroma and taste. It is excellent for stir_ fried dishes and salad dressing. It also has a host of health benefits. It is a tall annual herb from the Pedaliaceae family. Pure sesame oil is commonly used as a food ingredient and condiments as well as for medicinal uses.

Sesame oil is rich in linoleic acids, the majority of which are gamma-tocopherol and another isomer of vitamin E. It is rich in essential nutrients like carbohydrates, dietary calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. Sesame oil lowers cholesterol level, fight against cancer, boost fat burning and enhance nutrient absorption. Sesame seeds also help to balance hormonal levels. Chinese burned sesame oil not only as a light source but also soot for their ink blocks.

African slaves brought sesame seeds, and called them benne seeds. The sesame plant likely originated in Asia or East Africa and ancient Egyptian are known to have used the ground seed as a grain flour. The seeds were used by the Chinese at least five thousand years ago. Sesame oil is free of toxic components; the oil contains more unsaturated fatty acids than other vegetable oils.

Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E and used in various edible applications and as a solvent for intramuscular injection. The word sesame is from the Latin sesamum and Greeksesaman. It’s an annual herb. The leaves are broadly lanceolate and the flowers may vary in color. It may be white, blue, or purple. The seeds are small-sized ovate slightly flattened and thinner at the eye of the seed. Sesame varieties are home adapted to many soils type. Sesame oil is used in many products like drugs, perfumes, cosmetics, creams, lubricants, insecticides, and fungicides. Some people are allergic to sesame seeds and oil.

Know How to Make, Chemical composition and Physical Properties

Extraction method (How to Make?):
Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seed by cold pressed method.
Sesame oil is quite expensive. Because the different pressing methods of small mill sesame seed results in different edible quality of sesame oil.

Chemical composition:
Sesame oil is composed of the following fatty acids linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.

Physical Properties:
Sesame oil is pale yellow in color and slightly characteristic in odor with a bland taste. It is slightly soluble in alcohol and miscible with chloroform, solvent ether, and carbon disulfide. Iodine valueis103-116 and refractive index is 1.4650-1.4665.

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Know Incredible Uses and Benefits of Sesame Seed oil

  1. Sesame oil contains lignans, which are commonly found in plants. It has unique chemical and physiological properties which make it a powerful antioxidant. Because of this reason it doesn’t turn rancid easily and is commonly used in beauty treatments.
  2. -Sesame oil is edible oil and helps to lower blood pressure and decrease lipid peroxidation and increase antioxidant status in hypertensive patients.
  3. Due to antioxidant properties sesame oil has the ability to fight damage by free radical or unstable molecules.
  4. It is rich in amino acid that is essential in building up protein and minerals like iron, copper, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc.
  5. It also aids in lowering blood glucose in hypertensive diabetics.
  6. Due to its anti-microbial properties it inhibits the growth of microorganism and prevents tooth decay, bleeding gums, dry mouth, and improve teeth, gums, and jaw health.
  7. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect it reduces swelling and pain and has the ability to cure acne. The topical use of sesame oil was helpful for healing second-degree burn wounds.
  8. Sesame oil made by AOS Products has a slightly nutty taste making it an excellent agent for stir-fried dishes and salad dressing.
  9. It has an anti-microbial quality that makes it an effective mouthwash.
  10. It helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level and Prevents plaguing of the arteries with other heart-protective properties.
  11. -It also helps to fight against cancer cell growth.
  12. -It also helps to boost hair growth. So adding sesame oil or seeds to meals can benefit hair health.
  13. It is used as a mild laxative.
  14. It works as an emollient.
  15. As a solvent for intramuscular injections.
  16. It is used in the preparation of ointments and soap.
  17. Sesame oil helps in the production of red blood circulations and metabolism.
  18. Consuming sesame oil helps in the production of serotonin which helps in feeling positive and reducing chronic stress.
  19. A tablespoon of oil is taken on an empty stomach and swished around in the mouth for half an hour and then spat out. It helps to remove toxins from the body.

Know How to Check the purity of oil:
Pour sesame oil from the high place to the cylinder. If splashed oil color is light yellow, it indicates that the sesame oil is named after rapeseed oil. Pure sesame oil is a red copper color with very clear and aromatic.

Know Side effects:
when applied to the skin this oil is safe. Sesame might cause allergic reactions in some people. When sprayed into the nose. It is safe when used as a nasal spray, short-term. Sesame oil can cause nasal blockage and dripping when used as a nasal spray.

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