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Chlorothymol is a derivative of thymol. Thymol is a known anti-fungal specialist, which was applied as a tidying powder for shallow contamination currently just found as an overall antimicrobial specialist utilized in mouthwashes. We are the Most Reliable and Trusted Chlorothymol Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporters from India. Visit our page, know the specifications, and check our verified Business Certificates. If you have any Commercial Orders, Inquiry Now at:

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Know All About Chlorothymol (Pharma Grade, Cosmetic Grade):
It is a stronger antiseptic, however, seriously aggravating the mucous films. It is utilized in surface-level biocides, denaturants, antiperspirant specialists, oral consideration specialists, and additives.

Chlorothymol was not viewed as a visual aggravation. Chlorothymol was a non-mutagenic compound in the paper-plate strategy utilizing E. coli. No unfriendly responses were noted throughout the investigation of AMA Laboratories in 1996 performed to survey the skin bothering and sharpening of an OTC skin cream. OTC skin cream containing 0.032% Chlorothymol under semi-occlusion was considered a non-primary aggravation and a non-primary sensitizer.

Extraction Process (How to Make?):
AOS Chlorothymol is a unique pine product, obtained by the steam distillation process. For more details visit our Contact Us page and send your query.

Know Product Specifications:


White to pale yellow crystalline powder.


Very slightly soluble in water & ethanol 95%,

Freely soluble in essential oils and in fatty oils.

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:



Chlorothymol, 6-Chlorothymol, 89-68-9, 4-Chloro-2-isopropyl-5-methylphenol, 4-Chlorothymol

Melting Point:

57.0 °C to 62 °C

Boiling Point:

258.5 °C

Generic Names:

Monochlorthymol (IS), 6-Chlorothymol (IS), EPA Pestizide

Therapeutic Category:


Chemical Name:

tymol, 6-chloro-

Storage temperature

Temp. 20-25oC

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6 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Chlorothymol:
1. It has antimicrobial properties, so it can be used directly for cosmetic properties.
2. It is used in deodorant products.
3. It is useful in oral care products.
4. It can be used for institutional and commercial purposes.
5. There are several consumer products available in the Market in which AOS Chlorothymol is used in bulk for personal care.
6. Chlorothymol is a powerful germicide that is utilized in a low concentration in numerous pharmaceutical products

Know Side Effects of Chlorothymol:
You can face some rare side effects of Chlorothymol as follows:
• Skin irritation & Inflammations
• Unconsciousness
• Low blood pressure
• Headache (You Should Know About Peppermint oil in Headache)
• Excessive sweating

Chlorothymol Where to Buy?:
Pure and Original Chlorothymol is commonly used for such medicines that treat Cough, Nasal congestion, Asthma, Cold sores, and Common cold, etc. We AOS Products are the largest Manufacturer and Exporter of this material as per Food Grade, Cosmetic Grade, and Pharma Grade in India. We manufacture Chlorothymol in bulk and export to 110+ Countries including UAE, USA, UK, Middle East, Latin America, and more.

For More details on our Membership and Certification visit our Business Certificates tab and check that we are a certified manufacturer of ISO 9001:2015, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, Kosher, FSSAI, etc. Thank you for reading the benefits, uses, and side effects of our product, you can write your feedback to us, and your suggestions can increase the quality of our product.

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