Certified Aloe Butter

Certified Aloe Butter

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Herbal Aloe Butter


Aloe butter is a pure aloe which blends with coconut oil to form white aloe butter. Aloe butter is perfect in cosmetics & skin care products such as lotions, creams & body butters.

Extraction –

Aloe Butter is obtained from Aloe barbadensis leaf (pure aloe) extracted with Cocus nucifera (coconut oil) fatty acids and refined method.

Properties –

Aloe butter is pure white butter, which is rich in viscosity & smooth in texture which melts immediately in contact with skin, it is light and not too greasy.


Aloe Butter is rich in Vitamin C, E, A, Choline, B-12, Folic acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc etc


  • Aloe butter is used to soothe skin and restoring with re-hydration properties to quickly hydrate the skin.
  • Aloe butter is used as carrier for other component as it easily blended with essential oil..
  • It is useful in skin burn.
  • It is used for healing of wound due to its anti-inflammatory action.
  • Aloe butter is used to enhance the moisturizer.
  • It is used in various skin care products such as lotion, body creams, moisturizer, and body butter.
  • It is good hair conditioner.

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