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Date Extract

Date Extract
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Date Extract

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Date Extract:
The product is natural and is obtained by solvent extraction of ripe dried fruits of Phoenix dactlylifera. At AOS Products, we work for best manufacturers and exporters of Date Seed Extracts in in India. Dates extract is natural and is obtained by solvent extraction of ripe dried fruits of Phoenix dactlylifera, date palm tree are popular among the population of the Middle Eastern Countries. Date extract is free flowing, dark brown colored liquid, and water soluble extract of date fruit processed under controlled conditions. It is used for natural taste and flavor in food, sauce, bakery and confectionery applications.

Appearance: Free flowing, chocolate colored liquid
Solubility: Soluble in water
Flavor: A powerful and refreshing aroma of fresh Date
Ingredients: Solvent extracted product

8 Wonderful Benefits and uses:

  1. It is used as flavor ingredient in tobacco industry. Date seed extract has been shown to provide a calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory benefit to skin. It slows the appearance of aging by:
  2. It also reduce risk of colitis
  3. Extending the life of skin cells.
  4. Since Date extract is rich in Iron, so it is helpful in Anemia
  5. Providing antioxidant protection to slow down the effects of environmental aging.
  6. Reducing fine lines and the length of wrinkles.
  7. Its functions as anti inflammatory
  8. Whether you feel week with your mind, than you may regular serve pure extract of date.

The above quality is our standard specification. In addition to this customized blends are also offered to meet specific requirements.

Where to buy pure Date Seed Extract?
Date seed extract has many benefits for health and Tobacco Industries. Date seed extract has some side effects, for more visits today AOS factory to know more. Follow us for Health benefits of date seeds Extract or Powder. What is the Date seed oil extraction Method? You may learn with us. Ok visits Date Extract Manufacturer and Exporter from India here. We are Date Extract Supplier that provide to our special clients at unique price. We are ISO, GMP, HACCP, HALAL certified Manufacturer & Exporter in India.

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Hello AOS, I am Anil Sharma from Jaipur Rajasthan. I am exporter of many extract to Dubai, Kenya, Pakistan. What will be best price if we buy 100 kg of date extract?

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