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Black Nightshade Extract

Black Nightshade Extract
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Black Nightshade Extract

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Black nightshade is also known as Kakamachi, makkoy and Solanum Nigrum. It is a species in the genus Solanum, native to Eurasia and introduced in the Americas, Australasia, and South Africa. It is characterized by its white flower and purple-black berries. In India, it is found with red berries. The whole black nightshade plant including leaves, fruit, and root are used to make medicine.

Health Benefits of Black Nightshade Extract:
It is used for stomach irritation, cramps, spasms, pain, and nervousness. It is also helps to treat many skin conditions such as psoriasis, hemorrhoids, and deep skin infections (abscesses). The bruised, fresh leaves are put on the skin to treat swelling (inflammation), burns, and ulcers.

Juice of the herb is given in chronic enlargement of the liver. It can cure ear, and eye diseases. It is sometimes prescribed to "remove the effect of old age.

Extraction Method:
It is extracted from the whole part of the plant like leaf, stem and fruit by using solvent extraction method.

Botanical Name:
Solanum Nigrum.

9 Unique Uses and Benefits of Black Nightshade Extract:

  1. It is very useful for the treatment of measles.
  2. It is said to be helpful in enlargement of organs like liver and spleen.
  3. It helps to treat in asthma, cough and oral ulcer, it also cures an earache.
  4. It is used as a tonic to enhance appetite and for people facing a problem with night blindness.
  5. It helps to cure diarrhea and symptoms associated with it.
  6. It helps to improve immunity and fight against leucoderma (skin disease).
  7. It helps to fight against skin disease such as itching of Eczema.
  8. Due to inflammatory in nature, it reduces arthritis pain and gout.
  9. The gum is used for the treatment of bronchitis, inflammation, heavy female discharge and wounds.

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