Sesame Seed oil

Sesame Seed oil

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It is an edible vegetable oil which is acquired from sesame seed. Sesame is scientifically known as Sesamum indicum which belongs to Pedaliaceae family. Sesame originated in the Indus Valley of North India, and widely spread throughout Asia. We are one of the Reliable Sesame Seed Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India. Know its specifications and check our business Certificates and if you have any bulk inquiry, you can Quote Us

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All About Sesame Seed Oil:
Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil which is acquired from sesame seed. Sesame is scientifically known as Sesamum indicum which belongs to Pedaliaceae family. Sesame originated in the Indus Valley of North India, and widely spread throughout Asia.

Sesame Seed Oil Specifications:





Botanical Name

Sesamum indicum L.



Molecular weight

138.12 g/mol

Molecular formula









Clear liquid


Clear yellow liquid





Refractive Index

Between 0.977 to 2.377

Relative density

0.912 - 1.346

Acid value

NMT 5%

Peroxide value

NMT 10

Unsaponifiable matter

NMT 2.0%

Alkaline impurities

As per standard

Cotton seed oil

As per standard

Composition of fatty esters



2.0% - 27%


NMT 0.2%


2.5% - 16%


25% - 74%


25% - 60%


NMT 1.0%




Practically insoluble in alcohol,miscible with petroleum ether


In well fitted container in cool and dark place

Sesame seed oil History:
Sesame seed oil is originated in East Africa and asia. It was used as grain flour by Egyptians. Around 5000 Yrs ago, the seeds of this plant were used by Chinese, to make soot for the finest Chinese ink blocks by burning the sesame seed oil.

Industrial Benefits:
Sesame seed oil is rich in anti oxidants and contains sesaminol and sesamol, which carries therapeutic properties.
It has anti – inflammatory properties, therefore helps to heal burns and wounds. It’s very good oil for enhancing heart’s health, improves blood sugar levels and helps to treat arthritis and joint pains.

Extraction Process (How to make):
Sesame oil is extracted from seeds of Sesamum indicum under low temperature conditions process called cold pressing or by pressing followed by chemical solvent extraction.

Pure Sesame oil is yellow colored in appearance and has a nutty aroma and taste. It is rich in nutrients, hence used as ingredients in many food dishes.

Chemical Composition:
Its main constituents are fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and other in fewer amounts.

18 Popular Benefits and Uses:
  1. Sesame oil is used in the treatment of several chronic disease processes, including hepatitis, diabetes and migraines.
  2. It has antibacterial properties, used for common skin pathogens as it kills strep and other common cold bacteria, common skin fungi such as athlete's foot fungus as well as naturally antiviral.
  3. It prevents growth of malignant melanum means a skin cancer and inhibited replication of human colon cancer cells as it act as cell growth regulator and slows down cell growth and replication.
  4. It has antioxidant property, as it neutralizes oxygen radicals in the tissues beneath the skin.
  5. It maintains good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.
  6. Sesame seed oil provides nourishment to cells in both small intestine and the colon.
  7. It is used in the hair of children as it nourishes and feeds the scalp to control dry scalp and to kill lice infestations.
  8. It helps sufferers of psoriasis and dry skin ailments.
  9. It is useful natural UV protector as it calms the sunburns and reduces swelling and soothes the itch of haemorrhoids.
  10. It is used as a douche mixed with warm water and controls vaginal yeast infections.
  11. It heals scrapes, cuts and abrasions and keeps skin supple, soft and tightens facial skin and control usual enlargement of pores as skin ages chronologically.
  12. It is useful on baby skin especially in the area covered by a diaper and protects skin against rash caused by the acidity of body wastes.
  13. It is also used as massage oil, as it stroke the long limbs up and down and stimulates natural energy overall joints.
  14. It is used as a solvent in injected drugs or intravenous drip solution in industry.
  15. It is used in cosmetics as a carrier oil as it supple and nourishes skin.
  16. It also has synergy with some insecticides as coating stored grains to prevents weevil attacks.
  17. It is used in cooking as a flavour enhancer in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisine.
  18. It is useful for oral health as it lower levels of dental plaque and protection against certain streptococcus mutants and boost in dental health.

Safety and Precaution:
  • First consult to doctor before adding sesame oil to diet as it is anti coagulant or blood thinning medications.
  • It lowers blood pressure and thins blood so combining could be potentially harmful.

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