Mentha Arvensis Oil

Mentha Arvensis Oil

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Mentha Arvensis Oil

Mentha arvensis is an evergreen plant herb from the Mentha genus. This mint plant is found in various areas of European countries, Japan and Northern region of the United States. Its common names are Field Mint, Corn Mint, and Wild Mint; however, it is better known by its medical name Mentha arvensis.

The leaves of this natural plant have a clean minty aroma and are used for cooking and therapeutic motives. The essential oil produced from the leaves also has many uses.

Mentha Arvensis Oil
We provide a large range of Mentha Arvensis oil, used in various purposes like treatments of various diseases, as well as in cosmetics. These are extracted from plants at the foothills of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh.

These oils are obtained through steam distillation and filtration of the plant leaves. Dark yellow to pale yellow in color, these are volatile oils, and have various applications. We provide Mentha Arvensis oils in various packaging, and at affordable prices.

General characteristics of these oils are as follows:
  • Mentha Oil and its constituents and derivatives are used in food, pharmaceutical and perfumery and flavoring industry.
  • Menthol, the main constituent of Mentha Oil is obtained through slow cooling through refrigeration, crystallization, centrifugal and drying of Mentha Oil.
  • It is used in the manufacture of lozenges, toothpastes, pain balms, cold balms etc
  • In the scorching summer pure oil of Mentha Arvensis work as instant freshness.

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