Davana Oil

Davana Oil

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Davana essential oil is obtained through the steam distillation method from the leaves and stem of a Davana plant. The flower and stem of the Davana plant should be fresh during the extraction process.


Davana oil is well-known in various industries such as perfumery. The oil is used to prepare a fragrance or scent exclusive to the person. It also has some record in aromatherapy industry as being an amazing aphrodisiac and as a factor to fight stress.

It is also considered as being anti-infectious, balancing to the endocrine system, and relaxing to dry skin. It has several uses in stress, injure treatment, germ killing, coughs, antiseptic, and much more.

Davan is believed to smell differently when applied on the skin of different persons. This weird attribute is highly significant in high class perfume products to create aroma with individuals notes.

Davana leaves and stalks are used in making bouquets, fresh or dry flower arrangement, garlands, etc.


Davana oil is brownish, viscous, liquid of peculiar very aromatic, somewhat balsamic in appearance, aroma in scent, sweet, fruit moss smell.

Davana oil consist of davanone, linalool, asesquiterpine ketone, dehydro-a, terpinen-4 oil, linalool, nordavanone and devana fyrans

India is the very first country of its origin.

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