Ambrette Seed Oil

Ambrette Seed Oil

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Ambrette seed oil is extracted by solvent or Carbon die oxide extraction. CO2 extracts can be used at lower level than conventional distilled essential oils.

Ambrette oil is an Essential Oil and mostly used in natural perfumery and fragrancy Medically it is used in aches, stiffness, poor blood circulation, low blood preesure, anxiety, depression, in dryness of throat. Leaves and roots are used in gonorrhea and venereal disease. Ambrette seed oil is helpful in easing in digestion and improve poor appetite. It is also used as revitalizer.
It is also used in giving flavor to the coffee of Arabs.
Wonderful sweet musky smell of this essential oil is perfect choice in many aromatherapy preparation and widely used by the expert.
It is also recommended to add few drops of this oil in hot bath tub and enjoy benefits of this oil.

Ambrette Seed Oil is pale yellow in colour and has a warm, sweety aroma with flowery overtones. Many people confuse it with due to the resembling name but agarwood is a type of secretion that take place as a defence mechanism when an aquilegia tree is infected by a fungus.It emits a distinctive smell to counter the fungus.The major constituents of this oil are decyl acetate, geranyl, acetone, dodecanyl acetate, catatole B-asarone, daucol, cis 5 tetradecan 14 olide musk ambrette, transfernesyl acetate.
Ambrette seeds was first time originated from Indian subcontinent.

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