Olive Oil

Olive Oil

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Olive oil is the pure oil obtained from the fruit of olive trees. No oil obtained using solvents, re-esterification processes, or mixed with other vegetable oils qualifies under this description. There are many different kinds of olive varieties from which oil can be produced, and each brings a unique flavor and quality to the oil. While some olive oil is made by blending different olive varieties together, mono-varietals or monocultivar olive oils, are made using just one. It is the variety of olive,along with the maturity of the fruit, that contributes most to the flavor of the oil. Olive oils described as those that have been obtained from the original fruit without having been synthetically treated. Once the olives have been picked, pressed, and washed, no other process has taken place other than decantation, and centrifugation to extract the oil,and filtration.The best quality of olive oil available is described.

Uses of Olive Oil.

The health benefits of olive oil are extensive with new positive attributes discovered all the time.One prominent cardiologist recommends at least two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil each day.At present it is believed that in addition to bolstering the immune system and helping to protect against viruses,olive oil is also effective in fighting against diseases such as:

  • Heart Disease: Olive oil helps lower levels of blood cholesterol leading to heart disease.
  • Oxident Stress: Olive oil contains antioxidents such as Vitimin E, carotenoids and phenolic compounds which also help lead to long life.
  • Cancer: Studies suggest that olive oil exerts a protective effect against certain malignant tumors (breast, prostate, endometrium, digestive tract). A number of research studies have documented that olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. Eating a healthy diet with olive oil as the main source of fat could considerably lower cancer incidence.
  • Blood Pressure: Recent studies indicate that regular consumption of olive oil can help decrease both systolic (maximum) and diastolic (minimum) blood pressure.
  • Diabetes: It has been demonstrated that a diet that is rich in olive oil, low in saturated fats, moderately rich in carbohydrates and soluble fiber from fruit, vegetables, pulses and grains is the most effective approach for diabetics. It helps lower low-density lipoproteins while improving blood sugar control and enhances insulin sensitivity.
  • Obesity: Although high in calories, olive oil has shown to help reduce levels of obesity.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Although the reasons are still not fully clear, recent studies have proved that people with diets containing high levels of olive oil are less likely to develop rheumatiod arthritis.
  • Osteoporosis: A high consumption of olive oil appears to improve bone mineralization and calcification. It helps calcium absorption and so plays an important role in aiding sufferers and in preventing the onset of Osteoporosis.
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