What is Alpha Terpineol

What is Alpha Terpineol
Posted on 2023-12-09

What is Alpha Terpineol used for?

Terpineol is a naturally occurring volatile substance and is said to irritate the respiratory tract, perhaps through the nasal or pulmonary arch. With the help of this counter-irritant action, alpha terpineol provides relief from the common cold and nasal congestion. Naturally, it is obtained from pine oils.

Know More about Alpha Terpineol in the form of its Specifications:
Chemical formula: C10H18O
CAS Number : α: 98-55-5
Others Name: α-terpineol, 4-Trimethylcyclohex-3-ene-1-methanol, α, Terpene alcohol
EC Number (It is also known as European Community No.): α: 202-680-6
Boiling point: 213–218 °C

Terpineol is typically a mix of those isomers with α-terpineol because of the major constituent. This carbonation is the precursor to several terpenoids and terpenes. Its hydrolysis gives terpineol.

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What does Alpha Terpineol smell like? is it Safe for Skin?

Let’s discuss the smell or characteristics of α-Terpineol. It features a pleasant odor approximately like lilac and the natural ingredient of this oil is useful in several food flavors, perfumes, and cosmetics industries.

Is Terpineol Safe for Skin?
As per an updated R & D, the primary ingredients of alpha-terpineol is 4-terpineol. And we should know that it is very helpful to kill Demodex Mite. And if we explain these studies more than the formulation of small Terpineol in medicine does not cause any types of skin sensations, skin irritation, ocular irritation, or any types of skin allergic.

Is Terpineol an alcohol?
If we are discussing the alcoholic taste of alpha Terpineol, we remember that it is found in natural oils like pine oil and the oil accepted from the bitter orange tree). It’s the foremost common of 4 structural isomers; the others are β-, γ-, and 4-terpineol. You should never confuse the term Terpineol, basically, it is a hydrated form of Terpin.

Dose of Alpha Terpineol and How to take it? Know Side Effects and Where to Buy Online?

Dose of Alpha Terpineol and How to take it & Side Effects:
This is the dosage of Terpineol given in most cases. And we should remember that every case and its related patient may be different. Therefore, the dosage of Terpineol may vary depending on the disease, method of administration, age of the patient, medical history of the patient, and other factors.
The dosage of the medicine will vary according to the disease and age, so in this case, you can write to us, and then you can talk to any of your specialists.

Know Side Effects:
➠ Tingling sensation, burning sensation
➠ Terpineol is used for pain. But taking too much can affect your kidney and heart, so please consult a good doctor.
➠ If you are pregnant or you have any plan to become a nursery mother, first you should inform your doctor before taking it.
➠ Do not take Terpineol internally.
➠ Avoid keeping this product coming to contact with skin and eyes.

Alpha Terpineol Where to Buy?
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