Tuberose Absolute Where to Buy

Tuberose Absolute Where to Buy
Posted on 2021-10-04

Learn more About of Tuberose Absolute : Introduction & Origins

Tube RoseAbsolute (Polianthes tuberosa)
Tuberose belongs to the Asparagus family and name in Latin “Tuberosa” &French word “Tuberuese” means Swollen came in light 600 Years Ago when individually these were
Tuberose Fragrance was used by Louis XIV France, Spanish found the Aztecs growing it in 1519, A French missionary, returning from the Indies in the 1500s did so as well. Once introduced to Europe
Tuberose Absolute also known as Rajnigandha or the Night Essence. It is a Spike flower that blooms at night and is well known for Aphrodisiac Fragrance that lifts up the Sensation in mood through its Warmth Note. Its flowers are widely used as an Ornament in the form of Garland to Indian Gods & goddesses and Sometimes by Indian Women in the form of Gajra which is a form of Ornament in the bun of hair used by many in cultural & regional events & dance performances.

Tuberose is a Perrenial Flower Plant that is herbaceous Species grown from Tuberous Roots. The Plant comprises of dark green leaves about 1.0 Ft long and 0.5 In wide. The flowering part of this Perrenial Plant is at the Top in Spike form with a thickness of 4.0 mm& height around 3.0 Ft which stands erect in order to form folded and intact leaves. Leaves together join to form a shoot on the Top are the group of fragrant flowers. The flower color is usually white and Sometimes it could be slightly Pink due to variety and climatic conditions and Pollen is usual in yellow color. Tuberose flower fragrance is rich, Soothing, Calm in Nature. This Plant is usually grown in Sunny Climate with a Temperature ranging around 20° to 30°C. It requires proper maintenance due to its limited flowering period.

The first time Cultivation of Tuberose began in Columbia(Mexico), relatively cultivated in India, Morocco & Egypt. Tuberose cultivation is done widely for its Fragrant Perfumery usage. Tuberose flowers have rich essential Oil that is used by Top Perfumery brands worldwide for their exclusive fragrances and also being used by Prominent Spas worldwide for its Therapeutic benefits in the form of aroma. The top reason behind the Success of this Oil in Perfumery and Spas is the nature of Tuberose that is exotic, Sweet, complex & rich floral aroma.

Tuberose is not used in Spas for aromatherapy as the Oil however it is used in Burners and diffusers for that Rich Aroma to maintain balance of Mood and neutralize the un calm inside the person taking aromatherapy. The natural fragrance of Tuberose brings Peace in Mind, Creativity, and Sleep as this aroma is full of rich, floral, and earthy tones.

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Know Value of Tuberose and Benefits of Tuberose Absolute

Tuberose is a highly expensive essential Oil due to its Aphrodisiac Character; it serves various benefits mostly related to Psychological benefits.

A few are as follows: -
Tuberose fragrance strikes on root chakras and benefit the end-user by removing Impatience, Stress, frigidity, Lethargy, Impotence, anxiety,Muscular Spasm since these are the levels of faults in neuro therefore the natural Essential Oil of Tuberose once vaporize then the airborne particles of essential oils when intake by end-user will boosts up the Neuro Sensors enabling the actual character of end-user. The rich fragrance Increases the desire for Sex, promotes better blood circulation in nerves.

The warm fragrance of Tuberose increases blood circulation & warmth in the body during winters and it neutralizes breathing Problems.

Know Components, Properties and Applications of Tuberose Absolute

Components of Tuberose Essential Oil/ Properties:
The Core Chemical compound found are Methyl benzoate, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate, and methyl anthranilate.

Application of Tuberose Essential Oil:

  1. Tuberose essential Oil is used by Exotic Perfumery brands in making exclusive quality fragrance that is a choice of HNI’s
  2. Flower Decoration which was initiated from the use in decorating Cemetery in Europe and later it also became a beauty to Temples and Wedding.
  3. Incense Sticks & Cones industry use Tuberose fragrance to captivate the rich market of exclusive end users who are already a
  4. Aroma Candles which are used in Spas for giving Spa Treatment by Therapist in their specialized therapies.
  5. Hand Made Bath Soaps a Niche market yet a Costly affair for those of conscious buyers those who use only 100% Natural bath Soaps from ultra-premium bath Range.

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