Terpin Hydrate USP

Terpin Hydrate USP

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It is derivative, from sources such as turpentine, oregano, thyme, and eucalyptus. This medicinal material is frequently prepared from turpentine oil. Also, it is obtained from red & white camphor oils. AOS Products is the Most Reliable and Trusted Manufacturer and Exporters of Terpin Hydrate USP Grade in India. We export it to 95+ countries such as the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, the Far East, South Korea, and more. So, if you have Bulk requirements, don't hesitate to Write Us @ aosproduct@gmail.com

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Terpin Hydrate USP Grade: Know Extraction Process and More-
The conception reveals a method for preparing Terpin Hydrate USP by virtue of continuous hydration. The method is considered by including the following steps:

Under the Conditions of Certain Acidity, temperature, and acid water quantity, carrying out the continuous hydration on turpentine or pinene utilized as a raw material in a way of continuously nourishing and discharging; and monitoring the reaction temperature by adjusting the acid water concentration and the quantity of the acid water and red oil according to the detection data and the material’s weight, therefore obtaining the terpin hydrate.

Likened to the traditional intermittent hydration method, the method can be used for refining the production efficiency of the Terpin hydrate by more than 30%, reaching a yield of 100% and improving the yield by 10%, and has the advantages of being high in production efficiency and yield, simple and convenient in technology, free from pollution, low in production cost, and the like.

How to Check Purity of Terpin Hydrate (Testing Method - GC Analysis):

A Gas-chromatographic technique has been developed for the quantitative determination of Terpin hydrate. This technique may be applied to any of the NF dosage forms containing this compound. These crystals or powder are removed with chloroform from a saturated sodium chloride solution and chromatographed as intact Terpin on a hydrogenated castor oil column. Mortification products of Terpin Hydrate, other terpenes, and formulation excipients do not interfere. The technique is precise, quick, and correct

Chemical Formula: C10H20O2
CAS Number: 2451-01-6
Molar mass: 190.2799 g/mol
another name: Dipentene glycol, p-menthane-1,8-diol

1- Terpin hydrate is an expectorant, usually used to loosen mucus and ease congestion in patients presenting with acute or chronic bronchitis, and related pulmonary conditions. Codeine suppresses a cough. This combination of medications is used to control a cough associated with a cold or ...

2- Also it is used as an intermediate product in the perfume industry for the manufacture of terpineol and in the pharmaceutical industry, due to its disinfectant qualities, as an expectorant.

3- An expectorant, is something that helps loosen mucus so you can cough it up. You may do this by increasing the water content of the mucus, thinning it out, and making your cough more productive

Take this medication by mouth as prescribed. Be sure to follow instructions closely. It is advised, please do not increase the dose or take this more often than directed. An extended period or excessive use of this medication may lead to addiction. This medicine is best taken with a full glass of water post-meal or snack.

Know Adverse Effect / Side Effects:
Terpin Hydrate may cause depression of respiration, sedation, coordination disorders, constipation, and urinary retention. Slight drowsiness/dizziness, nausea, or vomiting may occur. If any of these effects continue or deteriorate, please talk to the doctor or pharmacist without any delay.

PRECAUTIONS: Inform your doctor if you have - lung diseases (e.g., Asthma, Emphysema), Depression, the problem with Constipation, a history of drug dependency, and Allergies (especially to narcotic pain medications or alcohol). Please have nice discussions on the risks involved and benefits with the doctor.

DRUG INTERACTIONS: Inform the Doctor, of any over-the-counter or prescription medication you may take including antidepressants, sedatives, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and cimetidine. This medication contains alcohol. Please avoid intake of alcoholic beverages while taking this medicine. Prior to starting or stopping any medicine, please consult a doctor or pharmacist and get approval.

KNOW IF OVERDOSE: If an overdose is suspected, immediately contact a doctor. Indications of overdose may include slowed breathing, drowsiness, deep sleep or sleep or loss of consciousness, cold and clammy skin, dry mouth, and slow pulse.

NOTES: It is advised to drink plenty of fluids, especially water while taking this medication. It breaks up mucus and clears congestion.

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