Sunflower Carrier Oil

Sunflower Carrier Oil

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Sunflower Carrier Oil is a type of vegetable oil which is expressed from oil-type sunflower seeds.This oil can be used in cooking and cosmetics, and it is especially popular with people who are concerned about the health impacts of oil, because it is a relatively healthy form of vegetable oil.Many stores sell Sunflower Carrier Oil,with several types on the market to choose from,and it is also possible to order specific varieties of Sunflower Carrier Oil from manufacturers.People who want to use Sunflower Carrier Oil in cooking should take care to purchase food grade sunflower oil.The original form of sunflower oil was linoleum sunflower oil, which is prone to oxidation. High oleic oil is much more shelf-stable, and generally preferred.In addition to having a longer shelf life,high oleic sunflower oil is also high in vitamin E,and low in saturated fat,making it a healthier choice. Consumers can also choose between refined and unrefined oils, with refined oils being more stable,while unrefined oils have a stronger flavor.


  • High nutritional value
  • Longer shelf life
  • Rich taste
  • Free from adulterants
In order to meet divergent demands of the clients, we offer this oil in different quantity packaging.

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