Hazelnut Carrier Oil

Hazelnut Carrier Oil

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What is Hazelnut Oil?

Botanical Name: Corylus Avellana
Extraction Method: Cold pressed
Description: Hazelnut carrier oil is known for astringent qualities. It is penetrating deeply and stimulating to the circulatory system. It helps in toning and tightening all types of skin.
Color: Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid.
Aromatic Description: Hazelnut carrier oil has very little scent characteristic of most carrier oils.

Common Uses: Hazelnut carrier oil leaves a non-greasy feeling thus it is perfect for massage therapy and aromatherapy. It is also used by cosmetic manufacturers - particularly those wishing to explore the marketing possibilities.

Consistency: Typical and characteristic of carrier oils.

Absorption: On applying the oil on skin it leaves slight oil feeling. It absorbs into skin at average speed,

Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

  • Before mix any ingredient to hazelnut oil check safety information.
  • When you use this carrier oil for hair or skin take advice from practitioner of Aromatherapy.
  • After use of Hazelnut oil if you feel any types of allergies than sudden go to the experts.

Where is Reputed Manufacturer about Hazelnut oil?
AOS Product Also is not only a reputed manufacturer vs. a brand name in numerous carrier oil. We call as hazelnut oil Manufacturers in Delhi India. You may use it as hazelnut oil for skin care and hazelnut oil for hair growth. Check in AOS for hazelnut oil Exporters from India where you may buy hazelnut oil at wholesale price. Natural class of Hazelnut oil also helpful for cooking because it is rich in nutrition.

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