Armoise Oil

Armoise Oil

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This surprising oil was obtained by steam distilled from the dried roots, rhizomes, and leaves of the Armoise plant. You should know that it has powerful aroma properties, so several industries such as Scent and perfumery demand it in bulk. We are the most Reliable and Trusted Armoise Oil Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in India. Visit our page, know specifications, see our business certificates and if you have any queries, you can directly Quote Us @

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Armoise Oil (Food, Cosmetic, and Pharma Grade):
AOS Products Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of 100% pure and natural Armoise Aromatherapy Oil at a price. Armoise oil is acquired from Artemisia Vulgaris, a shrub-like plant that has hairy and silvery leaves. It is extracted from leaves and twigs through the steam distillation method. It originated in Morocco.

Know Specification of the Oil:





Part of the plant used

Leaves and twigs








Colorless liquid 


Colorless to pale yellow


Bitter sweet odor








0.89 -0.91

Refractive density

1.46000 to1.47200 at 20° C

Optical rotation

-13.25 to -29.35° at 25°C

Melting point


Flash point




Acid value

1 max


Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohols


To be stored in a dry and cool place, below a temperature of 25°C


Armoise oil is obtained from Artemisia Vulgaris plant. It is a shrub-like plant that has silvery and hairy leaves. Armoise oil is extracted from twigs and leaves through the steam distillation process. It first originated in Morocco.

Industrial benefits of Armoise Oil:
This is very efficient in eliminating intestinal worms and invigorates the digestive system of the body. This oil also acts as a local anesthetic for neuralgia, rheumatism, and arthritis. This oil also carries insomniac and anesthetic properties.

Health Benefits of Armoise Oil:
Armoise is also known as Mugwort, an aromatic perennial herb that has red-purple stems and extremely hack, shady green leaves with white undersides. This oil is a pale yellow color in appearance and has a camphoraceous & sweet scent with a strong aroma. Armoise oil has all the active ingredients that work well in the treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, and arthritis. It is used in aromatherapy as it has a camphoraceous & sweet scent with a strong aroma. It has calming effects that make it effective for problems of depression, anxiety, or fatigue. It is used in fragrances of soaps, colognes, and perfumery. This oil is widely used for treating painful or obstructed menstruation, hysteria, and epilepsy.

Armoise Oil Extraction Method:
100% Natural quality of the oil is derived from the Natural twigs and leaves of Armoise by Steam distillation method.

Armoise Oil Properties:
Armoise is a shrub-like plant that has hairy, silvery leaves that can be flourished in parched conditions.
Armoise oil composition & Constituents:
Valerianol (22%), beta-eudesmol (17%), gamma-eudesmol (11%), and elemol (10%)
Specific Gravity: 0.940 - 0.980
Refractive Index: 1.498 - 1.526

8 Health Benefits & Uses of Pure Armoise Oil:
  1. Has great healing capacity.
  2. Used for painful or delayed maturation cycle
  3. Used in fragrances in soaps, colognes, perfumery.
  4. Armoise essential oil is very efficient in the assassination of intestinal worms.
  5. It has anesthetic and insomnia properties that make it effective for the treatment of the aforementioned problems.
  6. It invigorates the digestive system of the body.
  7. It also works well as a local anesthetic for rheumatism, neuralgia, and arthritis.
  8. It also has the anesthetic and insomnia properties.

Armoise Oil Where to Buy?

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