Clear Aloe Extract

Clear Aloe Extract

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Aloe Vera Extract 200X Spray-dried is obtained from Aloe Barbadesis miller leaves, a succulent plant, cultivated in various regions of Mexico, China, and Shanghai. We are the Most Reliable and Trusted Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of Clear Aloe Extract White from Ghaziabad India. Know business Certificates and Write Us for any Bulk inquiries @

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Clear Aloe Vera Extract White 200X Spray Dried (Food, Cosmetic, and Pharma Grade):
This incredible extract or powder is obtained from Aloe Barbadesis miller leaves, a succulent plant, cultivated in various regions of Mexico, China, and Shanghai. It naturally removes dead cells (Read About Lavender Oil for Dead cells) from the skin which means it hydrates and soothes the skin and refreshes the body all days. 

Extraction Process (How to Make?):

Aloe Vera Extract white is extracted from a fillet which is removed from Aloe plant leaves, then a gel is sterilized, filtered, and finally spray dried to obtain clear aloe extract white.

Learn About Property-
It is clear to an off-white fine powder in appearance, sour in taste, and characteristic in odor.

Chemical Composition-
It is composed of polysaccharides, Fatty acids, minerals, and Anthroquinones & rich in antioxidants as well.

11 Amazing Uses and Benefits-

  1. It is applicable for both food and cosmetic use.
  2. It is used in preventing cancer.
  3. Pure aloe Vera clear is used in food and beverages, pharmaceutical & cosmetics applications.
  4. It is also used in hair care products as ingredients such as hair shampoos, anti-dandruff shampoos, hair gels, and hair conditioners as it strengthens the hair and also adds luster to hair.
  5. It is used in various skin care products such as Sunscreen lotion as it prevents damage from UV radiation.
  6. Creams and lotions nourish the skin and improve skin elasticity.
  7. Scrubs, body washes, face washes, Hand sanitizers, Shaving gels, Bath Powder, Facial Moisturizers, etc.
  8. It is also used for the treatment of acne and prevents wrinkles as well.
  9. It is used in skin cleansers as it has cleansing properties and retains moisture as well.
  10. It moisturizes the skin equally well for all types of skin as it neither gets too oily nor too dry the skin.

Where to Buy Clear Aloe Extract?
AOS Products offers the highest quality Clear Aloe Vera Extract. We are one of the biggest producers of this extract as per Food Grade, Pharma Grade, and Cosmetic Grade in India. We also offer this amazing extract online, so, you can initiate retail quantity of the extract with us. Since we are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, GMP, HACCP, Kosher, and Halal Certified manufacturer from India, we export to more than 95 Countries in the world. For more details on our quality, sample, and bulk order visit and write us today.

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