Cumin Oil

Cumin Oil

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Origin Of Cumin Oil:- Originally from the Mediterranean area,it is a small annual herb about 50cm ( 20 inches) high, with deep green, narrow feathery leaves and tiny white or pink flowers, followed by small oblong seeds.Known since Biblical times, it is mainly used for its digestive properties.The Egyptians used it for headaches.The Pharisees paid their taxes with it and in the Middle Ages,feudal lords paid serfs with cumin for services rendered.Cumin is an important ingredient in Indian curries and in Mexican national dishes.


  • Cumin is useful as a warming oil and helps relieve muscular pains and osteoarthritis.
  • In the digestive system, it is a stimulant that helps with colic, dyspepsia, flatulence, bloating and indigestion.
  • For the nervous system, it is a tonic and has a beneficial effect on headaches, migraine and nervous exhaustion.
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